Call for Clinical Lightning Talks

At the virtual Nexus Summit 2021, Lightning Talks will include a 15-minute pre-recorded presentation (around 10 slides recommended) and a live discussion with other Lightning Talk presenters in the same theme. More information on recording methods will be given to accepted presenters after the peer review.

For the first time, Nexus Summit 2021 will include a special selection of Clinical Lightning Talks for clinical teams to share your stories from the nexus of practice and education – whether you have formal learners (students, residents, new team members) in your practice or whether you are learning together with your interprofessional practice team to achieve the Quadruple Aim (better experience for patients, improved health of populations, increased value, enhanced professional experience for the healthcare team). We are particularly interested in learning with, from and about each other as you share your stories “from the trenches”:

  • Adapting care due to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Engage patients, families, and communities in care design and delivery
  • Work to achieve health equity and reduce disparities
  • Engage your team in new ways to prevent and manage chronic conditions
  • Adopt new members of the team to meet contemporary challenges and patient needs

Clinicians and clinical teams are welcome to submit abstracts for any of our Themes and Subthemes. The Clinical Lightning Talk format has been created specifically for you to share brief stories of your work in the nexus of practice and education to improve outcomes. Examples might include:

  • creating a new experience for students rotating in your practice to conduct outreach to historically underserved patients in your practice;
  • developing a new interprofessional practice leadership team;
  • creating a new in-service that brings the practice team together to develop, learn, and implement a new workflow to address patient and staff safety during COVID-19

But please do not limit yourself to these examples! We know practice teams are constantly addressing opportunities to improve the care we provide our patients and the ways we work together. We are eager to learn how you have engaged the professional and non-professional members of your team, learners, educators, patients and communities to improve health and learning outcomes.

Presenters are encouraged to focus their presentations to maximize impact in a short period of time. Share your research, practical model, lessons learned, evaluation structure and data, outcomes, or innovative design in a dynamic, short presentation format.

Clinical Lightning Talk Submission Details

Components of a Clinical Lightning Talk Abstract

Gather the following information for your Lightning Talk abstract. The Submission Portal will guide you through the submission process.

  • Title of abstract
  • Name and contact information (credentials, affiliation, email address, social media) for one lead presenter (this will be the main contact for the presentation, so be sure your contact information is accurate)
  • Name and contact information for additional authors and presenters: include credentials, affiliations, email addresses, social media
  • All contributing authors and presenters must complete a disclosure of financial interest and submit a CV or biosketch
  • Brief bio of all authors and presenters (100 word maximum per author and presenters)
  • Theme and preferred subtheme the abstract aligns with (see Conference Themes)
  • Lightning Talk description (300 words maximum) must include:
    • A discussion of how you are addressing the selected Theme
    • Details of how the Lightning Talk represents an interprofessional initiative (two or more professions learning about, from, and with each other)
    • A description of how the Lightning Talk will provide knowledge to the learner or describe outcomes that contribute toward better care, better value and better education in practice and community settings
  • Lightning Talk summary sentence (50 words max for marketing materials)
  • If your abstract is not accepted as a Lightning Talk, are you interested in presenting the content in a poster format? Yes/No.

All abstracts will be peer reviewed for acceptance using the Summit criteria.

If Your Proposal Is Accepted: Lead presenter will be notified of acceptance decision no later than July 16, 2021. All accepted sessions will be peer reviewed for Joint Accreditation Interprofessional Continuing Education and evaluated using a National Center standard program evaluation framework.

If Your Abstract Is Not Accepted: qualified abstracts will be considered for Poster presentations.


Access the Submission Portal Here