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About Nexus Summit

Nexus Summit 2021 is the sixth annual conference of the National Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education, building on our commitment to learn together as we break new ground at the Nexus: where interprofessional education meets person-centered collaborative practice. In 2021, we continue build upon the National Center's strategic framework, as developed into the selected themes for this year. Nexus Summit 2021 will be held virtually across five days in September and October 2021.

Nexus Summit 2021 will build upon our track record of successfully bringing together thought leaders, educators, learners, patients and community members, faculty, practitioners, systems leaders, and policy makers who are deeply engaged in interprofessional practice and education to inform action.



Become a Sponsor of Nexus Summit 2021: Working Together in the Nexus!

We invite you to be recognized as a thought leader on the forefront of the changing environment of interprofessional practice and education (IPE) as a sponsor of Nexus Summit 2021. In 2021, the Nexus Summit will continue to push the conversation to discover new strategies and models for how interprofessional practice and education can make a difference in addressing health equity, engaging patients, families and communities in co-creation of practice and education, and lead to important Quadruple Aim outcomes.

Why Should You Sponsor Nexus Summit 2021?

  • Recognition of your investment in the field of interprofessional practice and education
  • Visibility with a diverse audience of more than 500 clinicians,  educators, learners, health care leaders, patients, caregivers and others committed to advancing clinical learning in practice

Sponsorship Opportunities

To start the conversation about sponsorship, fill out the online Nexus Summit 2021 Sponsor Interest Form or email Angela Willson, Interprofessional Continuing Education Manager at awillson@umn.edu.








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Every sponsorship makes a difference. Your support will help ensure critical conversations at the Nexus of practice and education continue to occur to inform and advance the field of collaborative practice and interprofessional education into the future.

Act Soon to Confirm Your Sponsorship for Nexus Summit 2021

Fill out the Nexus Summit 2021 Sponsor Interest Form and we will reach out to you, or contact us directly with an email to Angela Willson, Interprofessional Continuing Education Manager at awillson@umn.edu