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Practices for Presence: Building and Branding an Interprofessional Social Media Presence

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The expansion of our digital audience and brand has been critical in matching the Center’s growth in recent years. CAIPER has expanded its network and connections to national and international IPE centers, professional, academic and research organizations while seeing daily growth on each of its four social media platforms. We will share interprofessional practices for presence on social media and what we do to grow our target audiences.
In this poster, we will:
1.) demonstrate what makes CAIPER’s social media presence unique and interprofessional; and
2.) illustrate practical and useful strategies on how to create, elevate and expand interprofessional social media connections
A recent blog published by the Center on its interprofessional social media presence will be cited as well as the beginning stages of the collection of data on audience and engagement patterns specific to interprofessional practice and education posts in preparation for an abstract submission for the next Nexus Summit in 2022.