Adrienne Johnson
Medical Student
Sidney Kimmel Medical College
After graduating with a bachelor degree in Biology from Johns Hopkins University, Adrienne pursued a career in medicine and is currently a fourth year student at Sidney Kimmel Medical College applying into Medicine-Pediatrics programs in the fall. She is passionate about health equity and incorporating social determinants of health in the care of her patients.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

This project illustrates how we identified a patient, established a relationship with them, and assisted them in navigating the healthcare system. Using our JCIPE resources we reached out to EL, a patient with a significant medical history of ESRD, PTSD, and COPD whose daughter was her primary caregiver and liaison. During our time together, we targeted our efforts to increase compliance with patient dialysis appointments. We established a relationship with the patient by scheduling monthly phone calls and attending a dialysis appointment. We also reached out to her nephrologist and primary…