Allyson Rhinehart, PA
Physician Associate
Allyson Rhinehart is a Physician Associate in the Duke Division of Endocrinology, a position that has given her experience as a clinician in a broad medicine specialty. In her current role as an endocrine PA, each patient encounter involves counseling, motivational interviewing, and patient-centered care, all of which are paramount in diabetes management.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

The Duke Outpatient Clinic is an internal medicine resident-lead, community-based practice which serves a medically complex patient population, many of whom are un- or underinsured. Due to the volume of patients with diabetes not meeting glycemic goals, an interprofessional, diabetes-focused team was formed to address this need. The multidisciplinary team consists of a precepting physician, clinical pharmacist and learners, advanced practice providers, licensed clinical social workers (LCSW), a registered dietician, endocrinology fellows, and internal medicine residents. Our interprofessional…