Andrea Berndt, Ph.D
Berndt, Andrea  Associate Professor
University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
Andrea Berndt, PhD is an associate professor and faculty member at the SON, with almost 30 years of experience teaching research and statistics courses in undergraduate, master’s, DNP, and PhD programs. Dr. Berndt’s statistical expertise includes univariate and multivariate statistical analysis, with extensive training in structural equation modeling. Dr. Berndt’s research expertise is in quantitative methodology, instrument development, institutional research, and quality improvement. Dr. Berndt serves as the School Statistician and collaborates with faculty, students, and community stakeholders. Dr. Berndt has been involved in interprofessional education for five years and is an active collaborator in LINC assessment activities.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

Interprofessional case competitions have been used nationally for many years to advance interprofessional education (IPE). The CLARION competition at the University of Minnesota serves as an exemplary model that has been adopted across the country. Such competitions afford teams of health professional students an experiential opportunity to apply knowledge and skills about teamwork acquired through didactic IPE experiences, as a co-curricular (i.e., experiences outside formal curricula) event incentivized by monetary prizes and university-wide recognition. Drawing inspiration from CLARION and…
This Lightning Talk will highlight a university-wide series of online interprofessional education (IPE) modules completed synchronously without direct involvement of faculty facilitators. 977 first-year students representing 26 educational programs participated in interprofessional groups of 3-4 in a self-directed manner using just learner guides. Multiple modalities facilitated engagement, including interprofessional socialization exercises, mini-lectures augmented with video vignettes, and novel illustrated and video case studies. Illustrated cases featured professionally rendered artwork…