Chris Alving-Trinh, BA
Medical Student
LSU Health Sciences Center at New Orleans
Chris graduated from Pomona College where she majored in Philosophy, Politics, & Economics with a minor in chemistry. After graduating, she served two years with Americorps as a Chef Educator for the Edible Schoolyard New Orleans. Currently, she is a fourth-year medical student at Louisiana State University and is interested in pursuing a career in general surgery with an emphasis in academic medicine.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

A commonly used method to measure IPE learning outcomes is through the use of validated IPE perception or attitudinal questionnaires. Perception change can be measured using a retrospective pre-/post-test design (RPP). A RPP survey is administered at a single point after the intervention, and asks participants to reflect on a timepoint before the experience, thus keeping the frame of reference constant, eliminating response shift bias (Howard, 1980). Faculty at a U.S. based academic health sciences center used the RPP design to measure student perceptions using the Student Perceptions of…