Ginger Hanson, PhD
Assistant Professor
Johns Hopkins University
Ginger C. Hanson, PhD is a hybrid researcher who is both a biostatistician and a researcher with her own program of research in occupational health psychology. Her research focuses on ways to improve the health of employees by reducing workplace stressors. She is currently the biostatistician for the Oregon Healthy Work-Life Center (U19 OH010154) for which she oversees the development and management of their common measures data repository and oversees the training of individual project staff on research methods and data management. She is currently collaborating on the Johns Hopkins TeamingUp Interprofessional Rounding Study.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

Introduction: Team coordination problems continue to be an important source of errors, inefficiencies, conflict and other adverse events in health care. Structured Interprofessional Bedside Rounds (SIBR) provide a consistent method for patients, families, and clinicians from different disciplines to collaborate in daily discussions of care and clinical decision-making. Here we explore baseline levels of Relational Coordination (RC) present within and between interprofessional (IP) members prior SIBR implementation and we hypothesize that SIBR will enhance communication, teamwork, and…