Gisele Belber, Nurse
PhD Student
Nursing School at University of São Paulo
PhD student at the Postgraduate Program in Nursing Management at Nursing School of University of São Paulo. Member of the Research Group on Management and Education in Health and Nursing in the Interprofessional Collaborative Perspective. Master's Degree in Clinical Research and an Improvement Course in Pharmacovigilance from the Università degli Studi di Milano, Specialization in Collective Health Nursing from the Faculty of Medical Sciences of Santa Casa of São Paulo and Specialization in Nursing in Nephrology by Unifesp. Graduated in Nursing from Centro Universitário São Camilo. She is assistant researcher at Hospital Alemão Oswaldo Cruz.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

Background: The Interprofessional Health Education (IPE) is expanding in Brazilian Health Higher Education despite the dominance of teaching for specific competences in each health profession. In order to strengthen IPE, it is necessary to include this approach in the courses’ curricula, with a clear intentionality about their theoretical-methodological precepts. Thus, we raise a question: which educational theories have been used in the IPE field?. The aim is to reflect how interprofessional education can be guided by educational theories. Methodology: Reflective study based on international…