Laura Romito, DDS, MS, MBA, FNAP
Professor and Assistant Dean, IU Interprofessional Practice and Education Center
Indiana University
Laura Romito, DDS, MS, MBA, is Assistant Dean for Faculty Development and Engagement at the IU Interprofessional Practice & Education Center and professor at IU School of Dentistry. Dr. Romito oversees faculty development programs and promotes faculty engagement in IPE. With the IU IPE staff and faculty, Dr. Romito works with faculty, students and staff from participating schools to develop, implement, and assess learning opportunities and training in interprofessional education and practice. She promotes faculty engagement in and recognition for teaching, research and service related to interprofessional education and practice.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

The intended learning objectives for attendees are: Determine a theme that reflects a current cause or initiative at your institution or home state. Generate topic ideas related to the theme Identify collaborative partners to support the development of the topics Discuss strategies to promote the development of interprofessionalism among the student participants. Draft an IPE co-curricular event for further development with collaborators.   This seminar session was borne from the development of a co-curricular Interprofessional Education (IPE) Workshop Series related to substance…
The presentation describes the process and outcomes from a 5-year review of the Indiana University Interprofessional Practice and Education Center and focuses on the transformative changes that occurred in the Center’s work as a result. The evaluation goals were to assess the existing university-wide foundational IPE curriculum to determine if student and faculty outcomes were being met and assess the effectiveness of the Center’s current organizational structure. The evaluation was conducted by the Health Sciences Evaluation Team (HSET), appointed by the University Clinical Affairs (UCA)…