Maqual Graham, PharmD
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Pharmacy
Maqual Graham received her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from UMKC School of Pharmacy in 1994. She then completed an accredited residency in Pharmacy Practice at the Kansas City Veterans Affairs Medical Center. From there, she began her career in academia. As the current Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Dr. Graham’s daily responsibilities are diverse yet consistently incorporate teaching and assessment. In addition to coordinating an introductory pharmacy course designed to promote student success, Dr. Graham frequently assists in the design and execution of performance-based assessments and other simulated learning activities including those that involve other health professions.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

This interprofessional seminar will describe the design and implementation of a telehealth simulation for medical, pharmacy and physician assistant students utilizing standardized patients. Student teams work collaboratively to interview and assess a patient and review records including lab values and test results; formulate a care plan, communicate the plan to a standardized final year medical student, and provide patient education. Team performance is assessed using a clinical checklist spanning three domains: information gathering, treatment recommendations, and monitoring for safe and…