Mary Showstark, MPAS; PA-C
Assistant Professor Adjunct/Director of Virtual Interprofessional Education
Yale School of medicine, Physician Assistant Online Program
Mary Showstark is a Physician Assistant, an Assistant Professor at the Yale School of Medicine Physician Assistant Online Program, Director of Virtual Interprofessional Education, and affiliate faculty member of the Yale Institute of Global Health. She is Director of New Development for PAs for Global Health, a global ambassador to American Academy of PAs (AAPA), liaison to Euro-PAC, communications lead for International Academy of PA Educators, and consults with the World Health Organization on the Global Framework for Universal Healthcare. She is also the creator of the International Federation of Physician Assistant/Physician Associate and Clinical Officer/Clinical Associate/Comparable Students’ Association (IFPACS).

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

This presentation addresses the selected theme 'Innovations in Interprofessional Learning in Education' and subtheme 'Online, Virtual and Technology Facilitated Interprofessional Learning' as the Virtual Interprofessional education (VIPE) program is an innovative multi-institutional collaboratively designed and subsequently facilitated online and virtual interprofessional education learning program led by an interprofessional group of faculty. The Virtual Interprofessional Education (VIPE) program has grown to include 24 universities across 14 countries as of April 2021. The Lightning talk…