Morgan Parker, MS
UT Health San Antonio
After Graduation from Texas State University, Morgan took a year off school to focus on work and a research project she was assisting on. She was then admitted to the University of Texas Health at San Antonio in 2019 where she continues to work towards her Master’s degree in the Department of Cell Systems & Anatomy and defended her thesis in 2021. In the future, Morgan hopes to attend school again to become a physician assistant and work in the medical field.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

Currently, students have few opportunities for interprofessional education (IPE) in the basic sciences, with related curricula largely carried out in school-specific silos. We hypothesized that basic anatomy education, exposure to IPE competencies and hand sensibility testing (HST) may require interprofessional collaboration from students in medical (MED), occupational therapy (OT), and physician assistant (PA) programs to improve patient outcomes in their future health profession careers. Select cohorts of MED, OT, and PA students were recruited to form student IPE teams after receiving IRB…