Nethra Ankam, MD
Associate Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine
Co-Faculty Lead, Jefferson Health Mentors Program
Thomas Jefferson University
Thomas Jefferson Hospital

Nethra Ankam is an Associate Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine at Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University. She serves as co-Faculty Lead of the Jefferson Health Mentors Program, and is director of the Wellness Thread for the medical school. Her interests include interprofessional education, culture of mobility in hospitals,disability education, amputation rehabilitation, and wellness of both patients and providers.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

Facilitator:  Shelley Cohen Konrad, PhD, LCSW, FNAP Director, Center for Excellence in Collaborative Education, University of New England   How do we, as members of the healthcare community, focus on what matters most to those we serve? The individuals, families, communities and populations we serve often posit that it begins with including them in designing how care and learning are delivered so their interests, beliefs and priorities can be reflected. In this plenary, dyads of health professionals and expert patients from three ground-breaking programs will share real-world…