Radhia Abdirahman, Undergraduate Student, Human Biology (Applied Behavioral Science) and Global & International Studies
Executive Director, Center for Community Outreach; Undergraduate Student Hourly, HHARC
The University of Kansas
Radhia Abdirahman is the Executive Director of the Center for Community Outreach, a McNair Scholar, a Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellow, Newman Civic Fellow, Integrated Arts and Research Initiative Undergraduate Fellow and University Scholar. She is also a Public Policy and International Affairs Fellow with Princeton University. Her research interests lie within the intersections of pubic health, cultural competency, community engagement, and policy.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

Achieving health equity demands a fundamental reexamination of the human experience. The humanities and arts offer a useful lens that reveals and informs blind spots in our understanding of health and health equity across diverse populations. The Health Humanities and Arts Research Collaborative (HHARC) at The University of Kansas (KU) is an innovative model connecting educational institutions with practice settings in co-created academic-community partnerships. Launched in the midst of the pandemic, HHARC creates connections and leverages affinities within health, wellness, and health equity…