Roxanne Dsouza, RDH, MS
Assistant Professor
UNC Chapel Hill
Prof. Roxanne M. Dsouza, MS, RDH is an assistant professor in the Dental Hygiene Programs of the Division of Comprehensive Oral Health at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC), Adams School of Dentistry. She is the course director of multiple courses in the undergraduate program including clinical dental hygiene, periodontology, special care, and research and serves on graduate thesis committees. She has participated in and led several interprofessional initiatives across healthcare disciplines at UNC. Prof. Dsouza has a passion for interprofessional education and is dedicated to educating compassionate healthcare clinicians dedicated to whole-person centered care.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

Background: Collaborative Online Learning (COL) has been designated by the Health Professions Accreditors Collaborative as an interprofessional learning modality that utilizes information and communication technology to facilitate collaboration between students from different health programs or with practitioners that represent different professions. Innovative approaches to COL have been investigated to address logistical challenges that limit the implementation of interprofessional education. Using a combination of an unfolding case study and virtual reality simulation may solve these…