Ruth Adewuya, MD, CHCP
Managing Director | Center for Continuing Medical Education
Stanford University School of Medicine
Ruth Adewuya, MD, CHCP is the Managing Director of the Stanford Continuing Medical Education, where she leads the strategic planning and delivery of professional development courses, workshops, and initiatives. She works with Stanford faculty, students, staff, and external collaborators to build compelling educational programs that reach learners across the world. Dr. Adewuya leads the development of in-person, online and blended learning strategies, leading teams responsible for continuing education accreditation, instructional design, program implementation, and evaluation. Most recently, she launched and is the host of Stanford Medcast - a medical education podcast which boasts listeners from 141 countries.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

The coronavirus pandemic is a public health crisis that has had far-reaching impacts across the globe. As the medical and scientific communities work toward the shared goal of combatting this virus, a challenge for clinicians and scientists continues to be staying abreast of the ever-changing updates and findings related to COVID-19. This was even more apparent for clinicians and staff at nursing homes across the nation. Since the U.S. coronavirus outbreak began in a nursing home in Kirkland, Washington, more than 183,000 residents and employees of 7700 U.S. nursing homes and long term care…