Sharon Dowell, MD
Associate Professor
Howard University Hospital
Dr. Dowell is Assistant Professor of Medicine in the Division of Rheumatology and Attending Physician at Howard University College of Medicine and Howard University Hospital. She has a passion in cultural diversity in health professions and is focusing on cultural considerations in IPE for her Masters in Education Scholarly Project.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

Cultural competency is one of the main tenets of interprofessional education which is key to collaborative practice and cohesive health care service. Intrinsic to cultural competency and the broader concept of cultural safety is the recognition that cultural differences are not judged or defined by the dominant culture, an idea that is applicable to both culturally appropriate health care service and to multicultural and interprofessional education. With the globalization of the health care workforce, clinical teams have become increasingly diverse, yet there is no concrete guidance on…