Stacy Arriola, MS, BS-CH, RN, CNE
University of Illinois Chicago
Stacy Arriola MS, BS-CH, RN, CNE, is a Teaching Associate at the University of Illinois Chicago (UIC) College of Nursing. Her clinical experience covers hospital, private practice, and community health including local government and other community-based settings. She has over a decade of experience in community health nursing serving underserved and vulnerable populations. Currently, Stacy serves as a Volunteer Coordinator for a mass COVID-19 vaccination clinic providing interprofessional education and collaboration among faculty and students across the UIC Health Sciences Colleges and interdisciplinary professions.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration provided emergency use authorization for the first COVID-19 vaccine in December 2020 causing healthcare systems to rapidly develop vaccine distribution models. This talk will discuss how, with faculty leadership, interprofessional students across four health science colleges staffed an academic affiliated hospital’s vaccine clinics to provide over 100,000 vaccinations in five months. Faculty and students from the schools of nursing and pharmacy have previously partnered with the hospital to provide mass influenza vaccination. This established…