Taylor Coston
Pharmacy Student
East Tennessee State University
Taylor Coston is a fourth-year pharmacy student at ETSU Gatton College of Pharmacy and one of the founding members of the student Street Medicine Interest Group. She is also currently pursuing her Master of Public Health degree. Upon graduation, she hopes to work closely with underserved populations to help mitigate inequities in healthcare, especially in the realm of mental health.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

Background: The ETSU HealthBridge is a community of interprofessional faculty and students who affirm the inherent worth of unhoused people experiencing homelessness by meeting them where they are, and by providing care with compassion, trust, and excellence whose vision is to bridge barriers so that health care reaches everyone in our community, especially those who are unsheltered. This group was intentionally formed as an interprofessional collective recognizing the twin needs for a team-based approach to caring for this population and for strong community partnerships, leveraging their…