Veronica Lafky, BA
1Health Curriculum Coordinator
University of Minnesota
Veronica Lafky is a 1Health Curriculum Coordinator in the Academic Health Sciences at the University of Minnesota where she coordinates the IMPACT (Interprofessional Minnesota Primary Care Team) group’s Essentials of Ambulatory Care (EAC) Workshops. She also coordinates 1Health’s Phase II: Interprofessional Communication Skills & Escape Room and Phase III: Advanced Interprofessional Escape Room.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

Learning Objectives: Describe a successful model of virtual teaching interprofessional concepts of teamwork and communication skills at the post-graduate level. Recognize the potential benefits of presenting interprofessional content on a virtual platform, and factors that influenced the decision to continue virtually rather than canceling the workshop Evaluate how learner perceptions of the virtual workshop compared to the in-person iteration via survey data. Discuss how the virtual workshop can be modified/adapted to achieve desired interprofessional competencies at your home…