Faculty/Preceptor Development to Facilitate Interprofessional Learning

Presenters in the Faculty/Preceptor Development to Facilitate Interprofessional Learning Track at the Nexus Summit 2021 showcase faculty and preceptor development programs to support clinician-educators to teach, facilitate, evaluate, and disseminate interprofessional (IP) collaboration in the classroom and clinical practice settings. Speakers in this track demonstrate strategies to develop these skills and to support career development for those invested in the field of interprofessional practice and education. Sessions include 7 seminars, 4 lightning talks,


Learning Objectives:

  1. Grapple with common barriers to faculty/preceptor development;
  2. Envision healthcare improvements made possible by skilled IP faculty/preceptors;
  3. Articulate novel perspectives to enhance IPE dissemination and facilitation.


Reflective Questions:

  1. Speakers often use “faculty” and “preceptor” interchangeably to name the “teacher.” What are some important similarities and differences between these groups?
  2. Presentations focused on two primary contexts – the classroom and the clinical environment. What unique learning opportunities are available in each one?
  3. What types of scholarship evolve from IPE evaluation? In what ways can scholarship promote faculty/preceptor development?
  4. Some abstracts explicitly referenced IPEC competencies while others did not. Are some competencies easier to teach faculty/preceptors than others? Why or why not?

Suggested Resources: