Conversation Cafe

Building Strategies for Individual, Family, & Caregiver Engagement in Health Education & Clinical/Community Practice: Continuing the Conversation

Wednesday, September 29, 2021, 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm CDT

Since 2018, the Nexus Summit has been a space to intentionally explore models of engaging individuals, families, communities and populations in the planning and delivery of health professions education, and as participatory members of the health team. Join this Conversation Café to explore questions of how individuals, families, and caregivers can not only be the center of care delivery, but the co-creators of how health professions are trained and how they practice.

Facilitators Shelley Cohen Konrad, Kelley Harmon, and Susan Gold each bring a different lens to the key questions of:

  • How can we better engage individuals, families, communities, and populations in health education and practice?
  • What are the next steps and future goals for engaging people in health and health care practice, education, policy?

Participants in this Conversation Café will collaborate through facilitated questions and prompts to identify best practices through examples and practical strategies rooted in experience to use in their own co-creation of interprofessional practice and education with individuals, families, and communities at the heart.