Conversation Cafe

What is the Social Science in/of IPE?

Tuesday, September 14, 2021, 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm CDT

The social sciences, broadly, inform our exploration of the social nature of learning and provide helpful roadmaps for enhancing the learning process. They allow us to think beyond micro-level phenomenon, and more into the meso- and even macro-levels.  Now, more than ever, it is crucial that social science constructs, concepts, theories, and methodologies be employed to connect perceptions, values, and practices to the broader social context.

But what is meant by the “Social Science of IPE” and how can it lead us to actively and purposely address interprofessional approaches to equity, belonging, and social justice within health, healthcare, and within the health and social care professions? 

In this Conversation Café, we challenge the IPE and IPCP community to commit to authentically examine structural and systems level processes and mechanisms that not only impact the cultivation of interprofessionalism and the development of team-based, collaborative care, but that negatively impact the health, well-being, and fundamental rights and liberties of our patients, colleagues, and students from minoritized, disenfranchised, or hierarchically prescribed groups and backgrounds.

Importantly, participants in the Conversation Café will provide important insights into how the National Center and AIHC can support the ongoing engagement of the IPE community with social scientists as we design and evaluate interprofessional practice and education programs to drive positive change.

Together, we will explore how to support the IPE community to engage with the Social Science of IPE. Options might include:

  • Educational programming ideas/webinars to promote deeper dives into the social science literature.
  • Strategies to engage social scientists as members of IPE teams.
  • Fostering future scholarly collaborations.
  • Possible strategies for ongoing engagement of social scientists and other interested members of the IPE community.