Gauri Agarwal, MD
Associate Dean for Curriculum
University of Miami
Gauri Agarwal is the Associate Dean for Curriculum and Associate Professor at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. She serves as the course director for the Senior Capstone Course at the Gordon Center for Research in Medical Education, the MD/MPH third year Transitioning to Residency Course, and the Medical Education Senior Elective. She obtained her undergraduate and medical degrees at the University of Miami as part of the six-year Honors Program in Medical Education. She completed residency in internal medicine at Northwestern University and the University of Pittsburgh where she also served as chief medical resident.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

Two cases were developed based on lived experiences from a multicultural interprofessional faculty team. Students were assigned prereading on microaggressions, use of race correction in clinical algorithms, and racial bias in clinical measures. In a large group session, guidelines for respectful discussion were established. Next, 52 medical students and 88 nursing students were placed in mixed small groups in breakout rooms. The first case centered on microaggressions impacting a patient and a member of the interprofessional team. The second case explored inappropriate clinical management…