Stefanie Ellison, MD, FACEP
Associate Dean for Learning Initiatives
University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine
Stefanie R. Ellison, M.D FACEP is an emergency physician and the Associate Dean for Learning Initiatives at the UMKC School of Medicine where she is responsible for Service Learning for the School of Medicine and to develop and implement Interprofessional Education curriculum and assessment across the UMKC Health Sciences professional programs in dentistry, medicine, nursing, and pharmacy. She has ten years of experience in implemeting IPE at UMKC. She also contributes to grant-based research activities to improve health inequities in the Kansas City area. She has expanded community engagement activities for medical students to improve access to Covid-19 vaccinations, testing and screening for c hronic disease for under-represented minorities in Kansas City. Her research interests include social determinants of health, health equity, service learning, curriculum development and management and Interprofessional Education.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

This interprofessional seminar will describe the design and implementation of a telehealth simulation for medical, pharmacy and physician assistant students utilizing standardized patients. Student teams work collaboratively to interview and assess a patient and review records including lab values and test results; formulate a care plan, communicate the plan to a standardized final year medical student, and provide patient education. Team performance is assessed using a clinical checklist spanning three domains: information gathering, treatment recommendations, and monitoring for safe and…
The four-year interprofessional education (IPE) curriculum at the University of Missouri Kansas City (UMKC) Health Professions programs for the Schools of Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing and Pharmacy will be described. Our innovative curriculum incorporates case- and team-based learning, simulation and includes over 500 learners each year from eight professional programs. Students are assigned to interprofessional teams at the beginning of the curriculum and remain on this team for subsequent activities. All teams include two BSN, DDS, MD and PharmD students and smaller numbers of PA, DH,…