Tuyen Hoang
Honors Research Student
Rutgers University - School of Nursing,
Tuyen is currently a senior in the four-year traditional nursing program at Rutgers University - New Brunswick, where she is expected to earn her Bachelor of Science in Nursing in Spring 2022. She is a part of the School of Nursing Honors Program and has been mentored by Dr. Yang since December 2020. Her interests involve community health nursing and disease prevention. After the completion of her undergraduate studies, her goal is to work in outpatient care settings and apply to graduate school to further her interests and knowledge regarding managing and improving community health.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

DescriptionA vital component of delivering collaborative interprofessional care is understanding each profession's roles and expertise. A total of 119 students from physical therapy, pharmacy, and nursing programs participated in a 3-day hybrid interprofessional (IPE) event, where students virtually trained each other to screen community members in-person for osteoporosis/fall risk. The value of this IPE was it advanced the educational experience beyond traditional learning by allowing students to apply knowledge and engage in real-life client situations. Thus, the virtual nature of this IPE…