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Interprofessional Social Events in the Era of COVID-19: The Impact of an Virtual Trivia Night on Incoming & Current Students’ Connection, Communication, and Learning

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In fall of 2020, the Duke University IPE Center created the inaugural Student Advisory Committee (SAC). Based on a needs assessment showing that students were lacking traditional social interaction and typical interprofessional exposure due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the SAC social events subcommittee planned an event for students to interact in a safe and engaging environment: ‘IPEC Trivia Night.’

The event was hosted via Zoom for one hour on a weekday evening. Prior to the event, incoming and current students of Duke’s MD, DPT, DNP, OTD, Ph.D, ASBN, and MSN programs were emailed information and registration. The event began with an introduction of interprofessional education. Three rounds of trivia were conducted through Kahoot. Between rounds, students were randomized into breakout rooms with a conversation theme to facilitate connection. Contact information sharing was facilitated with a shared Google sheet. After the event, a 10-question Qualtrics survey was sent out, and prizes were given.

56 people attended the event. 23 students (11 incoming, 12 current; 4 ABSN, 1 DNP, 2 OTD, 7 DPT, 6 MD, & 3 PA) completed the survey for a 50% completion rate. This may have led to self-selection bias.

Results are as follows:
100% of respondents would encourage other students to participate in this event.
100% strongly or somewhat agree that the event increased their knowledge about their own profession.
96% strongly or somewhat agree that the event increased their knowledge about Duke’s health professional training programs and about other health professions.
82% strongly or somewhat agreed that the small group breakout rooms provided opportunity to create new social connections with students from other professions.
Students stated that they would like to participate in similar social events at the following times (multiple select):
60.9% (14): Pre-matriculation
82.6% (19): During orientation
87.0% (20): During didactic phase
65.2% (15): During clinical phase

The event positively impacted knowledge of other health professions and fostered connection. This is encouraging for future situations in which interprofessional students or professionals want to connect but aren’t able to be together in person. There are areas of growth, including lengthening breakout room time. The design could also be extrapolated to an in-person offering.

Working in an interprofessional group to create an offering for interprofessional students grew the organizers’ teamwork, knowledge, & communication. This event has positive implications for future social & learning IPE offerings at Duke and across the nation.