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Development of a Certificate for Interprofessional Educators

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This presentation addresses the selected theme and subtheme in that it is a description of developing a certificate program targeting faculty, staff, and other educators in the colleges and schools within OU across all three campuses. This includes medicine, social work, pharmacy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, health administration, public health, audiology, dentistry, nutritional sciences, speech language pathology, nursing, physicians assistants, and imaging technology (radiation sciences, nuclear medicine, sonography). The certificate program is targeting faculty and staff at any level or rank. The certificate curriculum consists of readings, group discussions, lectures, facilitation experiences, mentoring, and simulation. The content includes the core competencies, activities designed to engage participants in use of competencies, engagement of participant in simulated facilitation experience as well as real facilitation experiences of interprofessional groups, documentation of interprofessional experiences including the creation of a portfolio. Talk will include our measures of success of the certificate program, measures of success of our learners, and future plans for the evolution of the program.